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The Funnel Geeks Introduce:
The Done-For-You Branded Funnel....
Jason & Erika - Founder and CEO
Marketing Experts, Traffic Experts, Authors, Coaches, Mentors and Military Veterans
Founders: The Done-For-You Branded Funnel

Jason and Erika pride themselves in serving the marketing community by providing quality content, advice, tips and strategies to business owners. Jason and Erika are also huge supporters of  many Wounded Warrior  charities and many other organizations.

Over The Last 2 Years We Have Helped Hundreds Of  Business owners,  Consultants, Marketers, Coaches, Service Providers, Product Creators, Medical Professionals, Athletes, And Local Business Owners Change Their Life Using Our Proven Methods, Strategies, Technical Skills, And  Branded Funnel Automation Expertise...

"Nothing Positions You As a Leader Better Than Your Own Branded Funnel!
Check Out What a Small Handful of People are Saying About Us!

James Donaldson

Simply put.... Amazing! Jason and Erika are some pretty amazing people. I am so glad that I have had the chance to work with them on my own branded Funnel. Erika does amazing work and I would highly recommend this service. It's really a steal for what they are charging!

-Retired NBA All-Star

An Hao

Erika did an absolute amazing job on my branded funnel. Everything from link integration to story integration into a custom follow up sequence. Very professional and just a super pleasure to work with. The great thing is I have made just over 10K in commission!!! Don't miss this chance!!

-Independent Consultant

Mutiara Hadi

What a wonderful experience working with Erika. Very down to earth and really focused on helping me get results in my business. I never would have branded without her help. really an amazing process. Best of all the proof is in the results. With just over $12K in 30 days I am pretty happy!

-Independent Consultant

Steve and Sheri Hamlin

What an experience it has been... It's great to work with people that are actually focused on helping us get results without completely draining our pockets. This was a great experience and we have been able to generate over 11K .. A+ Erika! Great work and thank you so much for your expertise!

-Independent Consultant
Join Hundreds of Business Owners That Have Taken The Next Step With Us And Personally Branded Themselves!
Branded Funnels Coupled With Your Story Are One Of The Most Powerful “Positioning Tools” That You Could Ever Have In Your Marketing Arsenal!
From the desk of The Funnel Geeks,

Dear Friend,

When you combine a custom branded funnel with a proven sales machine like "Your Business" it can be the foundation for a sustainable and profitable business. Now, pay attention because this will likely be the most important business decision you ever make!!

There’s just one problem with all of this: How do you create a "Custom Branded Funnel" and establish yourself as a leader, expert and the "Authority" when you’re new? It can feel like it's impossible right? But there is ONE way for you to AMP up your marketing and stand out from the crowd. Your very own "Custom Branded Funnel". That’s what we're offering you here today and you are only minutes away from getting started.

We will brand a "Custom Funnel" to you and your story.... AND we will have it done in less than 14 business days!

This gives you one of the most powerful positioning tools you will ever have for your business and can bring you floods of buyers.

Now let us tell you who we are and why you want to listen to us!

We both come from a military background of service to our country and we had a vision for a better quality of life after military service. A quality of life that aligned with what both of us wanted for the future; having the freedom to live in any desired location of our choice, more time to travel, and most importantly, to start a family and be able to raise our children, not daycare and babysitters.

So we had to make a decision on where we were going…

The long hours, constant military moves, deployments, and the typical stressors that burden many military families were really the catapult that launched us into our research on how to build and sustain a profitable online home-based business.

Through commitment and consistency we have achieved our ultimate goal. We have absolutely no stress for what the future holds, because as long as we have an internet connection, our business can be operated lucratively anywhere in the world.

We are extremely passionate about sharing our story and expertise to those that desire a higher quality of life and personal and financial freedom. Becoming the CEO of your own life is the ultimate personal growth and success story, and helping others realize that through creative entrepreneurship and personal branding.

We found our connection with our audience when we created our very first branded funnel... AND we can help you do the same thing!!

Don't stress about trying to figure this out yourself! Let us do it for you and then show you how to duplicate it yourself..... No one else will do the second part! Not without asking you for more $$$!!
Don’t Let The Word “Branding”  Freak You Out Because…We Do 99% Of The Work For You & Help You With The Other 1%
After you provide us with a photo, your story and your website links, we’ll get to work and have your custom branded funnel done in about 14 business days.

In about a two weeks, it will be ready for you to start using in your marketing. You will be ready to rock and will look like you have been marketing for YEARS.... NOT DAYS! How awesome is that right!!

You’ll be able to start driving traffic to your "OWN" custom capture page, and bringing in buyers right away from your offers with this powerful branded funnel.

When your leads enter your custom funnel they’ll view YOU as an authority and expert, increasing your credibility with your leads. INSTANTLY!!

On top of that, "YOUR CUSTOM FUNNEL" will “LAY THE FOUNDATION” for your business and help increase your customer base..... and it can happen INSTANTLY!
If You're STILL Struggling To Succeed...
If You're Currently Stuck Right Now, It's Because Of One Of The Following:
* Pricing Issue - The fastest way to double or even triple your current business is to set yourself apart from everyone else. Most people that provide services like ours charge way too much for what they do for you. Your solution is here! We will take care of you and we won't drain your wallet in the process!

* Lead Acquisition Issue - There are two ways to get more leads... First, create branded funnels so you attract more people, and second, master the different ways to attract leads online. Once you master both, you'll never have to worry about getting leads ever again.

* Inner Conflict Issue - A big reason why most people fail is because their mindset, belief structure, identity, and programming are wired to repel success and money. In this case, the obstacle is INVISIBLE. Once this is fixed and addressed, then success becomes inevitable.

* Accountability Issue - Another big reason why most are stuck is because they don't have someone holding them accountable and guiding them. If you want to achieve your goals fast, then you need to have someone who's been there, done that, and can help and guide you every step of the way. We will give you the video training you need to implement your new funnel and run it to it's max capacity!

* Technical Skills Issue - Another hurdle for most are technical skills. Want to know the secret? You don't have to do it! You can get experts to do it for you instead of spending time frustrated trying to figure it out. Do what you do best and have others do the rest.
Meet Your Funnel Geeks:

We have helped hundreds of Online and offline businesses build out branded marketing funnels to sell all sorts of products and services. We are experts at taking existing web traffic or paid traffic and turning it into hot, ready-to-buy, sales leads through automation. Get an expert!
Here's How It Works...
This is How We Get You Results in Your Business!
* Kickoff Strategy Call - The first thing we will do together is come up with your Marketing Funnel Plan. Talk directly with our team to hash out the game plan to get things going. This includes hand walking you through setting up your systems, discussing your story and a photo for the funnel. This call lasts up to an hour!

* Product Offering Review -
We will review your offer together and get your links. our team will help you optimize your offer with a custom 7 day autoresponder sequence so that you are maximizing your return on investment and your time.

* Funnel Roadmap -
Once you and our team meet for the first time, they will provide you with a series of videos that will show you how to duplicate your funnel and also upkeep it. This will be your roadmap to future success. We are the only ones in this industry that do this!

* DONE FOR YOU - Our team will build out EVERYTHING for you so you can focus on your tasks that need to get done. You will be responsible for some writing but we will give you precise direction on what we need from you.

* Funnel Testing & Review -
We will walk you through everything so you know exactly how it all functions via tutorial. We'll show you the path your leads will take and emails that go out! Most of all how to place and track your first ads with your funnel!

* OUR GUARANTEE - We will work hard and fast to complete your funnel quickly. This means that the project will not be considered fulfilled until your funnel is functioning and tested!!
What exactly are we building for you?
Every funnel is different, but here's a general list of deliverables...
* Funnel strategy creation to ensure you get the desired results from your new funnel.

* Initial lead magnet placement that will be offered as the funnel's "open door" call to action. (If you have this already, this is up to you to provide).

* Custom landing page and bridge page/thank you page and fully branded email sequence.

* All copy writing done for you by our team of expert copy writers.

* Personal story integration to create the initial list building relationship with your leads.

* All graphics, landing page copy, follow up copy... done for you!

* All "techie" connections and integration between systems is setup for you.

* You will be along for every step of the way working DIRECTLY with Erika to ensure your funnel is perfect.

* Full access to our "How To" training so we can take off the training wheels and let you go.

* PLUS! If you have questions, Erika will gladly communicate with you on Skype through the process and also after the project is completed.

 "DO NOT" pay someone $3,500.00 to build you a funnel! We will do it for a fraction of the cost!!
Here's the Next Step...
If you like what you've seen so far and you're interested...
[STEP 1: Make This One Time Small Payment] You need to request a funnel discovery session with our team by clicking the button below and making the small payment.

[STEP 2: Schedule A Time That Works For You] After you have made the purchase you will schedule on our team calendar to get things rolling. Grab a time that works for you. our team will be ready to take your call and get you off to a fast start.

[STEP 3: Add Your Appointment Time To Your Calendar] Add your meeting time to your personal calendar. Commit to the process and let us guide you through it. We only work with clients that we KNOW for a FACT are committed to success. So don't be late to your appointment with our team!
Frequently Asked Questions:
What software do I need so you can make this work for me?

Please "DO NOT" sign up for any services to include autoresponders. We will help you with all of this. We will set you up with the same systems we use for maximum efficiency. We only work in the systems "We USE".

Who is this service for and is it for me?

This service is designed for new or established business owners. Our clients come to us when they are either launching a new business or struggling with leads and sales in their current business. Another type of customer that prefers to use our services is the type of business owner that understands that they can't do it all, nor do they want to. Having an expert build it out properly from the start is key to keeping things moving at a steady pace and ready for more growth.

Who are your main customers?

We primarily service online business owners that are just getting started and need the extra boost! But we work with any business new or exsisting.
Do I need to pay for custom website design or programming?

No. We do EVERYTHING for you included in our price. We don't use custom programming either. There are enough wonderful tools out there to get everything working properly without having to code anything custom (Those systems have an additional cost). We put all the pieces together for you so you don't have to worry about it. Let us handle the details.

What is the turn around time for this type of project?

We like to have these projects wrapped up in around 14 days max time. Of course sometimes things happen and it could go past that time. As long as you and I are in constant communication, pushing forward, and working together to get it all done.. I have no problem if it takes longer than the goal completion time. Things happen, things change, and I get that.

How long does it take to get started?

The sooner you click the button and take care of our small fee the better. You will be able to schedule immediately!
This is for YOU if:

• You're sick and tired of overpaying for "GURU" services

• You're overwhelmed and have no idea where to start in the process

• You want to replace your current income with a full-time online business but haven't quite gotten there yet

• You're actually getting sales but your missing an ingredient that will take it to the next level for you 

We’re going to keep things simple here. You know that you need a powerful funnel that gives you the authority boost in your marketing strategy.
Are you having these problems in your marketing strategy?

• Opt-ins to your list: Difficulty turning clicks into subscribers

• Conversions: Difficulty turning subscribers into paying customers

• No consistency? Allow us the opportunity to launch your name into the stratosphere with a branded funnel that will continue to provide you with visitors and paychecks on an ongoing basis
We Will NOT Break The Bank With Over Hyped “GURU” Prices That Will Under Deliver Time And Time Again!
Remember, this is an investment, not an expense. In business, expenses are things like office equipment, bills, and wages. We won’t break the bank like a big “GURU.” Most of the “GURUs” out there don't even practice what they preach!

But money spent on marketing "Tools" are an investment because you should expect a return on your money. Some online business owners spend quite a lot of money on their marketing tool kit because it makes them even more in return.

In your case: If you're not really making the sales you want to make we will make it a priority to deliver fast. We'll work hard and fast to get your first branded funnel complete to help you scale your business from your current numbers.

We thought long and hard about the pricing for this because those who need this most are often the ones who can afford it least.

With a funnel in your corner boosting YOUR authority, you will have the potential to get a fast and sizable return on your money once you implement this into your strategy.

Therefore, if we priced this opportunity at $3,500 or even $3,000, it would be a wise investment and still cheaper than the “GURU” price.

But we’re not asking anywhere near that much. It's not even going to cost you $2,500, even though this price would be potentially doubling your money!

To make this invaluable marketing tool extremely accessible to everyone, we've kept the investment very low at $1,997.00. Which is over a HUGE savings compared to the “GURU” price!

Now, it's important to note that these types of services Do Not Have A "Money Back" Guarantee! There are also NO REFUNDS Once Purchased. We are not offering either for this service! We do everything possible to make sure you are absolutely satisfied! But at the end of the day we can't control how you market.

                                             Earnings Disclaimer (Please Read This Disclaimer)
Here's What We Want You To Do Now...
Simply click the red button to claim your newly minted "Branded Funnel". Then reach out to us and schedule your first appointment within 24-36 hours so we can gather the required data from you and get you rolling!
It's up to you! Is 1 hour of your time and a few dollars worth trading for the authority you need in your marketing strategy?

As a final thought, a good friend of ours once said, “get paid for your own personal value, not for doing things.” In other words, society, more specifically, the school systems tell us we have to work for someone else and get paid to do things if we want to be successful. This is old world thinking! We are not human-doings, we are human-beings, so why not create the life you want and simultaneously get paid to live it.

The key ingredient you are missing right now is positioning yourself as a leader in the industry! We have got you covered!!!! We will give you the instant positioning that you need with a Custom Branded Funnel today!

Warm regards,
The Funnel Geeks

P.S. If you've got a million strategies, but don't know how to get started, you need to read this entire page if you haven't done so already. Then, act on its advice.

P.P.S. We are real entrepreneurs who are currently successful in this industry. We’re not "armchair experts" who only know the theory. We are actually doing it every day in our own online business!

P.P.P.S. We will have a very special unadvertised bonus on the other side that you won't want to miss out on! It's the icing on the cake... As if this wasn't already amazing enough right!! 
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